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November 18, 2009



I have the Louis+Ella Porgy&Bess album, but have never seen any of these other artwork nor did I know anything about the artist. I love the beautiful simplicity he creates with bold color and a simple sketch (http://bit.ly/31kSwa) and the cool moods he creates with the addition of watercolors (http://bit.ly/kfi22). Thanks for sharing!


I love those examples! Especially the Oscar Peterson cover. Im intrigued by the process of layering linework and brushwork -it looks like 3 solid ink colors (black red and blue) - done for budget reasons when 4 color process printing wasnt as inexpensive as it is now. He would have had done the art on separate layers for each color, and how did he know it was going to come together on press? Aside from my geeky interest in the process, I just love to look at his work - especially the jazz covers. There was kind of a golden age in graphic art happening alongside of the great things happening in music.


You're right about the timing of music and art during that era. Of course Blue Note is one of the classic examples. Which reminds me that Warhol did some Blue Note covers that are similar to the David Stone Martin work. For example, this one's a lot like that Getz example I posted earlier: http://www.birkajazz.com/graphics2/burrellWarholBN1597.jpg

While browsing around that site, I found this nice piece by Shahn: http://www.birkajazz.com/graphics2/shahnChicago.jpg

And many more David Stone Martin ones: http://www.birkajazz.com/archive/stoneMartin.htm

I always liked that "Roy & Diz" cover. Now I know it's a DSM too!

I could spend all day looking at the covers at that site...

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