• Thanks for visiting! I'm Laura Coyle, artist, illustrator and singer.

    As an illustrator, I've worked for companies like Target, Hallmark, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com. My bio, contact info, and portfolio is at: www.coyleart.com

    I teach online classes in Adobe Illustrator on ReneePearson.com

    My jazz website: www.lauracoylejazz.com

    Content © Laura Coyle 2011

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February 17, 2013


Elizabeth Gower

Very nice new web site!

Nathanial Heim

Hi, Laura! Is your website still a work in progress? I noticed you don’t have social media icons on your homepage. Do you have plan to add icons there? If not, I suggest you add social media icons, if you have any social media accounts. It is very helpful if you want your website to get a boost in traffic. Overall, I think your website is awesome! Kudos!

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