• Thanks for visiting! I'm Laura Coyle, artist, illustrator and singer.

    As an illustrator, I've worked for companies like Target, Hallmark, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com. My bio, contact info, and portfolio is at: www.coyleart.com

    I teach online classes in Adobe Illustrator on ReneePearson.com

    My jazz website: www.lauracoylejazz.com

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Just read about your new Ink & Paint class and saw the video! It looks like a wonderful class! Will have to wait till I can get the full version of Illustrator, but will sign up for this class as soon as possible. Enjoyed the previous classes from you so much!


hi you like me very so much.. i love you.
from peru ..


Hey Laura! JUST stumbled onto one of the Swirl Shop classes on Youtube (AWWWWESOME!) and I was wondering if you have anything that has to do with swirls integrated into typography (script and stuff, like Wedding Invitations, etc). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Cecil, not specifically, but my Beginning Illustrator class covers type on a path, and one example we work on uses a spiral path. I'm sure once you take Swirl Shop though, you'll have no trouble working with the type on a path feature to make that happen! Swirls are the harder part, type on a path is not too difficult.


I just stumbled on you on Utube. I have been trying to learn Illustrator from a book. I have a lot of experience in Photoshop. I have Creative suite 6. Is that version so different that your classes wouldn't work for me?

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